What is LIFE School curriculum?

LIFE School curriculum is an LDS gospel and scripture based curriculum that provides a full and challenging education to children in grades 1-8. A full high school program is available via the David O. McKay International Academy.

How is the program taught?

The Parent Manual is user-friendly, scripted, and written so that you can instruct several ages and abilities at once. The manual is set up similar to a Primary manual.  It is flexible so that you can modify what you teach, or insert parts of other programs that you already enjoy using.

Subjects such as grammar are presented at skill level. All other subjects such as history, geography, and science are taught and discussed as a group. Then children reinforce skills with activities and projects in the grade appropriate Learning Journal.

The digital version of the manual, known as Tap & Teach, is in .pdf format and contains many hyperlinks to media that will aid you in making your family learning experience more engaging and fun.

How long will I need to prepare each day?

Daily preparation for the parent takes about 15 to 30 minutes.

What areas or subjects are covered?

All subjects are built on a chronological study of the scriptures. Subjects taught are History, Language Arts and Grammar, Reading and Classic Literature, Creative Writing, Spelling and Vocabulary, Scripture Supported Science, Geography, Social Studies, Paleography, Handwriting (Palmer Method) , Art (history, appreciation, and application), and Music (history, appreciation, and theory). We have also included our Sensory Immersion© reading and math program for Toddler/PreK/K.

How is the curriculum program set up?

This Curriculum is built on a scriptural foundation of history (HIS Story). Secular events are integrated into a scriptural timeline so that the child can see God’s hand in the history of mankind.

The program presents history on a four year rotation basis. Every child in the family studies the same time period each year. Over four years, each student will cover all of the Standard Works and all periods of World and American History. The four year rotation is:

Year One: Pre-existence to 5 B.C.
Year Two: 5 B.C. to 1500 A.D.
Year Three: 1500 A.D. to 1900 A.D.
Year Four: 1900 A.D to Present Day (BETA version only)

We suggest beginning your study with Volume One

What year do I start with?

Volumes do not need to be taught in chronological order. You can start wherever you want.  We suggest beginning with Volume 1. Or you can begin with the current year of seminary study if you have a high school student.

If you have already been homeschooling and are now joining our program, we suggest selecting your Volume of study based on what time period you studied the previous year.

What is the bandelo, and how is my child graded?

The Bandelo Achievement Program is the method for tracking student progress. Assessments are included throughout the program. As skills are acquired and concepts are mastered, children place jewels and emblems on the bandalo. These are worn proudly and are a memento of a successful year.

A pattern from which you can create your own bandalo and jewels is provided to you as part of the program, or you can order the ready-to-use kit from our bookstore.

Does LIFE School utilize LDS Church and scouting resources?

L.D.S. Church Coordination
The curriculum supports Cub Scout, Achievement Days, and Faith In God activities. The lessons are enhanced with resources, such as Reading Booklets; fun visual aids; and the use of many coordinated Church resources, such as the gospel art picture kit; the Hymns; The Children’s Songbook; and many other Church media resources.  The program also references The Ensign, The New Era, and The Friend and integrates many talks and activities, into the daily lessons.


Are there additional materials to buy?

No, there are no additional materials to buy to use our program. Although there are a few basic supplies that every homeschool should have, our program comes with ALL teaching materials and supplements.

Math for grades 1-8 is not written into the program, but we do include math for younger children. You may choose a math program that we offer, or you may provide one yourself.

The only thing we cannot provide is a library card to check out books at your local library. Every child should have one in order to read the books on our recommended list. 🙂

How is L.I.F.E. School different from other online programs?

Most online public schools are free but may require mandatory seat time. Often programs are tied to worksheets and leave out hands-on activities because districts struggle with how to adequately measure progress.  This may mean that a child is seated at a computer for hours at a time – with no human interaction. This can work well for older students, but stunts creativity and brain development in younger children.

LIFE School curriculum offers parents more control and flexibility over their family’s lifestyle and activities.  The curriculum is available via download or in printed form, with everything you need to get started immediately. Because no one loves and cares about a child more than  his/her own mother or father, parents are typically the best teacher for their child. The curriculum is LDS gospel based.  This doesn’t mean that there is simply a daily scripture reading.  All the curriculum is built on a foundation of the scriptures, with secular learning integrated naturally and chronologically. The program offers a variety of teaching methods such as videos, hands-on activities, experiments, writing opportunities, and more…

The program has been developed to give parents the ease of teaching multiple children the same subject at once, then addressing additional concepts for older children. This means that the parent spends less time teaching different material to each child, leaving time for a child’s other interests, hobbies, and pursuits.

And the user-friendly parent manual leaves parents much more time to spend with the children and with each other. Mom is saved from spending her evenings creating the next day’s lesson – scrambling to research and provide adequate material for each age level.

What is the cost?

Prices begin at about $125 for the digital Parent manual and $175 for the printed version, which provides a year’s worth of instruction material for the parent. Student manuals are $100 (digital) per grade level, and $175 for each complete printed student kit (per grade level). You may purchase the materials already printed – ready to begin, or download and receive your curriculum as soon as you complete your online order – making the program available for future use for younger children in your family. Printed manuals also include the digital version and can be used year after year.

Your purchase always includes our future upgrades. No need to ever purchase again!

Add our curriculum to your food storage plan. We offer The complete Full Four Year Academic Package, for all eight grade levels, downloaded for one price of $2,600. You can print as many copies as you wish for your immediate family members – your children. This version can even be passed on to your grandchildren. Save almost $2,500 with this option.

Visit our bookstore, or call us at (801) 277-5433.

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