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Volume 1: Pre-mortal Existence to 5 B.C.


This period of history presents the Old Testament and the first 600 years of the Book of Mormon as a fun, chronological story. Other historical events are woven into the timeline to create a clear picture of the time period.


Because the history timeline covers the pre-mortal existence, our purpose for being, and the creation of our earthly home, the science area of exploration is Astronomy and Earth Science. Families learn together about the physical and spiritual creation of our universe and our planet.


LIFE School takes a chronological approach to classic literature. In this time period, families become acquainted with the earliest pieces of literature and the progression through the ancient world. The Old Testament is also studied as literature.

The Bandalo Program

The bandalo originated in the Church Primary program in the 40s, 50s, and 60s. We’ve brought it back and it’s the most fun report card you’ve ever seen!

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Volume 4 will be available for purchase in early 2016.

Other Areas of Study

  • Geography

    Families get to know the Ancient world and its people, where they lived, and what they did, as well as studying practical geography for today’s world.

  • Language Arts

    All grade levels become very familiar with the parts of speech and sentence structure. Sentence diagraming helps visual learners to better understand the “whys” of grammar.

  • Creative Writing

    Through brainstorming, clustering, organizing thoughts, sharing with others for clarity, and revision, students become skilled in self-expression and creative writing. Each year builds skills for the following year – preparing children for thesis writing in high school and college courses.

  • Art & Music

    Families learn of the artists and composers of the day – creating an audio and visual progression of creativity and inspiration. Music and art theory is integrated as well.

  • Social Studies

    The Social Studies program introduces children to ways they can look at and appreciate their family and community. Focus is on charity and service – “love one another”. Many Church resources are integrated and utilized. The program also fills in gaps for students who are required to complete standardized testing.

  • Paleography

    Paleography – the study of the origin of letters and words expands understanding for older students, of the beauty of God’s gift of language to His children.

  • And more!

    There is so much more to the program than can be written here. Students apply gospel principles with activities and opportunities to serve others. Art and Science activities and experiments give children practical hands-on experience. The fun and varied program helps children see their world three dimensionally.

Why choose LIFE School?

Patti Adams, President: Parents often ask me how our curriculum is different from the many programs that are offered today. LIFE School is different from most other home education programs in that it is not a group of individual courses, studied independently by each child, isolating them from family members. Our curriculum is taught by the parents in much the same way that they would present a Family Home Evening lesson. Much of what you teach your children, you do as a family, gleaning from the ideas of each member and taking the opportunity to clarify misconceptions and strengthen testimonies. In this way, parents get to know their children intimately.

This method works with most subjects. History is based on a scriptural chronology, with secular history integrated and presented in a “time-line” manner. Art, music, literature, and much of social studies can also be taught in this way. Even much of science can be taught and learned in this way. Kitchen experiments involve all family members and each child takes away from the experience, a knowledge based on his or her age and maturity. Older students learn and then re-learn as they assist and re-teach younger siblings. Subjects such as grammar and mathematics are learned more independently, but with parent, and often sibling help.

The LIFE School Parent Manual is written to put everything at your fingertips quickly and is designed much like “Preach My Gospel”. A creative five day planner is included at the beginning of every five lessons – right in the manual. Daily supplies are listed at the beginning of each lesson, and preparation time is about twenty minutes. Internet hyperlinks to additional resources, videos, pictures, etc. are included, making it easy for the parent to teach directly from a computer or hand-held device.

Our “tap & teach” feature also gives you the freedom to become portable. So it’s the first warm day in spring? Grab your iPad, a picnic lunch, and take your children to the park, while still having all of your needed resources close at hand.

We know you’ll love our program. Visit our bookstore to try it free for 30 days. We believe you’ll enjoy teaching as much as your children enjoy learning!