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Traditions and Values of the Past; Education of the Future
LIFE School is a program  based on classic education, but it is anything but traditional. The program is unique in that the children will  begin their school day when it is convenient for their parents, or when the children wake up and are best ready to begin learning. The home classroom begins with a religious hymn and prayer, and some may recite the Pledge of Allegiance. Then they start their studies with a scripture-based history lesson. Maybe they will study about Ancient Rome, discovering what political turmoil existed at the time that Jesus Christ was born. Or maybe they will study the Psalms of David, and then write their own psalm, expressing their feelings about life or Father In Heaven. Whatever they study, they will write everything they learned in their history journal, creating their own history book in the process. After the lesson, a family discussion allows clarification and re-teaching.

The history lesson is enhanced by a video link that mom shares from her iPad – a re-enactment of an ancient Roman battle. Then they pass around the 3D glasses as they utilize an application that demonstrates the rotation of the planets  of our solar system – viewed on one of several hand-held devices –  allowing the children to feel they are actually in outer space.

Later the children practice penmanship, an art form mostly lost to the computer age; then hone their grammar skills and progress in their ability to express themselves cohesively and concisely.

After a recess, possibly burying each other in the fall leaves, they will head to the family sofa where they help each other memorize a scripture, science fact, classic poem, or study the weekly spelling list. Then, after mastering one of two math lessons, they might spend  half an hour recording observations of fish in their natural habitat, or creating a propelled vehicle using natural power.

Lunch is eaten and enjoyed as a family.   After lunch, children curl up in a comfortable chair or stretch out on the floor (whichever best meets their learning style) to read an exciting classic novel like Moby Dick or Homer’s Odyssey.

This program is called LIFE School – Life Integrated Family Education, and was established to provide a spiritually and academically whole education to families who hold a belief in the gospel and teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Children are taught in the safety and comfort of their own homes, using a curriculum that is whole, integrated, challenging, and complete; and which reflects the faith and beliefs of the family. Lessons are written and scripted so that they can be easily taught by the at-home parent. Subject matter is correlated so that multiple ages are taught with ease. Families have the option of networking so that they can enjoy the fellowship of one another through online  blogs, and forums, or combined activities.

The program focuses on the whole child – emotionally, academically, morally, and spiritually, and puts parents in control of their child’s learning. Whether you are considering private school or homeschool, or questioning public school, LIFE School is education at its best – challenging, hands-on, socially stimulating, and affordable. The educational traditions of the past are now the wave of the future.

Meet the Authors

We are a team of dedicated educators – but parents first – working to bring the best possible program to your family.

Patti Landes Adams

Patti Landes Adams

President & Curriculum Director

Patti Landes Adams is a former K-12 school administrator and teacher of several subjects in grades 3 through 12. Her passion is Religion-based History. She was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, but was raised in Las Vegas, Nevada.

After serving an LDS mission to Italy, she married and lived in the Bay Area of California; Las Vegas, Nevada; Manti, Utah; and the Salt Lake Valley. She educated her children at home for many years. She then co-founded an LDS-based private school, which served students and families for over seven years. She now resides in Utah, and is the mother of eight living children.

She has written numerous articles about education and has spoken to hundreds of adults and youth about the blessings of maintaining the gospel of Jesus Christ as the foundation of education. She currently oversees K-12 curriculum research and development for LIFE School the J. Reuben Clark International Academy.

Patti holds a B.S. in Instructional Design, with a minor in Italian. She is excited about the gospel as the foundation in education, and empowering parents to direct their children’s education.

She also enjoys discovering and utilizing technological resources to engage students and improve retention.

Elaine A. Cannon

Elaine A. Cannon

Former Curriculum Developer

Elaine Anderson Cannon was the eighth general president of the Young Women organization of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints from 1978 to 1984. Cannon has been a writer and an editor and is the author of over 50 books.

Elaine passed away May 19, 2003. Before her passing, she contributed greatly as a curriculum developer of the LIFE School program. She authored the book "Prologue: A History of God’s World and Your Place In It." Shortly before her passing, she was participating in the writing of Volume Two.

Elaine loved the youth of the Church and spent her life helping them to improve their lives. She saw the LIFE School curriculum as a means by which parents could take charge of teaching their own children with confidence. Her convictions, inspiration, and discipleship live on in the pages of the LIFE School program.

Anne Adams

Anne Adams

Curriculum Developer

Anne Adams is originally from San Diego, California, where she converted to the LDS Church at age 16. She served a mission to France, married Jeff Adams, and had three daughters, now grown.

She has been a passionate student and teacher of the scriptures, having taken over 40 credits of Institute classes and taught Gospel Doctrine and Relief Society classes on scripture study in most of the wards where she has lived. In 2000, she obtained an M.A. in Ancient Near Eastern Studies from BYU, teaching religion and Hebrew there while pursuing her degree. She is currently teaching Hebrew privately and writing about effective scripture study.

She also loves music. She has sung in BYU’s Oratorio Choir and has studied choral conducting. She currently serves as the Stake music director and sings with Mid-Columbia Mastersingers. She loves teaching in general, having tutored college students in French and Math, and having taught local seminars in choral conducting.

Anne‘s love for the ancient scriptures has greatly influenced the history program for the middle grades. Her insights to the gospel help create thought-provoking questions that cause students to think more deeply about the scriptures and connect them to their real life decisions-- helping to grow better disciples.