• Digital Version
  • Parent Manual Kit$29.00
    This is a ONE TIME payment
  • Parent Manual & Kit (digital Version) $29
    Contains over 2000 pages of family instruction per Volume (school year) for children ages 2 to 14. You teach one lesson to all of your children. They then complete supporting grade level material in their own manuals.

    Includes history, science, handwriting, grammar, literature, spelling, writing process, art & art history, music & music history, paleography, geography, social studies, and more!

    Student Manual & Kit (digital version) $39
    We offer full student workbooks for grade levels 1 – 8. Each level contains approximately 1000 pages of targeted grade level instruction and are fully coordinated with the Parent Manual.

    These are NOT monthly prices, but a one time fee for a 12 month subscription!

    This is a 12 month subscription only. It cannot be reused. Files cannot be shared with extended family or friends.

    (This cannot be sold )

  • This price is $96 off of our previous prices!
  • Printed Version
  • Parent Manual Kit$175.00
    Payment plans available
  • Currently Unavailable until all curriculum revisions are completed. Parent Manual & Kit (print version) $175
    Print & digital parent manuals contain our Sensory Immersion© Toddler/PreK/K reading & math program (subject to updates).

    Student Manual & Kit (print version) $175
    This is the full-color printed version.
    The printed kit comes ready to use:
    1 full color grade specific student manual
    1 Bandelo kit
    1 set of Recall Cards
    1 Writing Journal
    1 Science Journal

    Note: No student manual is needed for children ages 2-5. Once they begin reading, then you will want to purchase student manuals.

    When you purchase the printed version, you also receive the digital version, with all future updates.

    Parent Manuals may be used again for younger siblings and grandchildren of the same family, but may not be copied.

    Student Manuals are consumable and may not be photo-copied, but may be reprinted from the digital file. Books can be sold to private individuals. They may not be resold via the internet.

  • No Discounts currently available.
  • Full Four Volume Academic Version (Digital)
  • Digital Version$2400.00
    Take up to 24 months to pay
  • $2400 if paid in full. Includes color printer.
    $2400 – $200 per month for 12 months
    $2500 – $140 per month for 18 months.
    $2600 – $110 per month for 24 months
    (sales tax applied for Utah residents)

    Invest in your family’s future. This version includes 4 Volumes of 1 parent manual & 8 student manuals each, for a total of 36 manuals. That’s nearly 40,000 pages of instruction.

    Each volumes is based on a scriptural timeline – integrating all subjects so that your child sees the “whole” picture, including his own place in the world.

    This, and ALL of our digital versions include annual updates of our newest program.

    You never have to re-purchase again!

    Parent and Student Manual files may be reused for younger siblings of the same family. Files cannot be shared with extended family or friends.

    Copyright TRANSFERABLE to grown children to be used only by grandchildren of original purchaser.
    (This cannot be sold )

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